Alan Tulla Lighting is a Hampshire-based independent consultancy advising on all aspects of lighting. We neither sell equipment nor act as agents for anyone.

What we do

There are two main strands to the business: We design lighting, from the initial concept to final completion, for buildings of all types from corporate headquarters to business parks, museums, MRI scanner rooms, museum artefacts, public realm art etc.
We particularly specialise in the exterior and urban environment such as urban masterplans, landscaping, town centre renovation, floodlighting of facades,SSSIs etc.


Our other strength is technical evaluation, site surveys and problem solving. We offer independent advice for planning applications such as visual impact assessments. We measure and report on lighting installations and provide advice on mitigation and amelioration. We improve office lighting and reduce glare from outdoor floodlights.

"What would the world look like if I rode on a beam of light?"
Albert Einstein

We believe good solutions are about asking the right questions.  Our lighting design is about people and places. We use our knowhow to create bold dramatic statements or make subtle moody effects tailored to each challenge.
We dont subscribe to the notion of a split between aesthetics and engineering. Energy saving and informed engineering practice are integral to good design.

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