Alan Tulla Lighting: Independent Lighting Consultant

Alan Tulla FSLL, FILP, is an experienced lighting professional. He is both a qualified engineer and award winning lighting designer. He is a Fellow and Past President of the Society of Light and Light and holds the Diploma in Lighting.


Following many years in technical management for lighting equipment manufacturers, he has recently worked as a specialist architectural lighting designer for engineering consultancies.   Since starting in consultancy he has won several awards for his lighting designs.


Alan is the also the Technical Editor of the international lighting magazine, Lux Review.


He has lived and worked both in France and the Middle East.


For many years he edited and wrote articles for the Society of Light and Lighting newsletter.

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"What would the world look like if I rode on a beam of light?"
Albert Einstein

We believe good solutions are about asking the right questions.  Our lighting design is about people and places. We use our knowhow to create bold dramatic statements or make subtle moody effects tailored to each challenge.
We dont subscribe to the notion of a split between aesthetics and engineering. Energy saving and informed engineering practice are integral to good design.

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