Jan 2016:  Completed SLL Guide LG06 "Guide to the Exterior Environment". Alan Tulla was Chair of Task Group.


Oct 2015:  interviewed by BBC One Show for UNESCO/SLL Night of Heritage Light. The Durdle Door scheme was by Mike Grubb Studio.


Feb 2014:  Alan was invited by Malaysian National Energy Company (TNB)to give a 2 day seminar, "Advances in Streetlighting Technology in Kuala Lumpur.

"What would the world look like if I rode on a beam of light?"
Albert Einstein

We believe good solutions are about asking the right questions.  Our lighting design is about people and places. We use our knowhow to create bold dramatic statements or make subtle moody effects tailored to each challenge.
We dont subscribe to the notion of a split between aesthetics and engineering. Energy saving and informed engineering practice are integral to good design.

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