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Lighting Design

The following projects were designed by Alan Tulla whilst working for previous employers.


Guardian Newspapers, new HQ, Kings Cross: We were a sub-consultant to a major MEP practice and advised them on specialist areas such as the reception, atrium,  internally illuminated staircase, display cases, breakout areas etc


The Vyne, Basingstoke: This is a National Trust property. We illuminated a private chapel where the only source of light was a small window, high up on one wall. We used tightly controlled cross-over beams of light to illuminate the trompe-l’oeuil ceiling and upper walls. 


Visual Impact Assessments and Planning Applications

We can advise on the potential impact of new or upgraded lighting installations. This can involve issues such as upward light pollution, spill light, Light as Nuisance etc. Related to this topic is lighting design in environmentally sensitive areas and Dark Sky parks. Recent studies include floodlighting an equine stud in AoNB, a proposed office block in central London and a tennis club in a densely residential area of London.


Investigations and Surveys

Our independence means that we give completely unbiased advice in the case of disputes and planning applications. We also conduct site measurements and report on the best way to improve an existing lighting installation. Recent cases include:


A large open plan office where some of the staff complained about glare and headaches.


A tennis club wanted to install floodlights in a predominantly rural area surrounded by housing.


At one particular survey of a bus and train interchange our lux readings demostrated that the wrong wattage lamps had been installed.


Investigating energy saving measures on a railway platform. We took site measurement to see whether it was possible to dim or reduce the lighting and still meet the requirements of Network Rail and passenger safety.


Teaching & Lecturing
Alan is a highly experienced presenter and lecturer and has a Lantra/C&G qualification in teaching for the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS).


He regular teaches “Basics of floodlighting” and “Urban and Amenity Lighting” for the Institution of Lighting Professionals, ILP, as part of their Exterior Lighting  Diploma. Specialist training: eg. Alan was invited by the Malaysian National Energy Company (TNB) to give a 2 day seminar, "Advances in Streetlighting Technology" in Kuala Lumpur.



"What would the world look like if I rode on a beam of light?"
Albert Einstein

We believe good solutions are about asking the right questions.  Our lighting design is about people and places. We use our knowhow to create bold dramatic statements or make subtle moody effects tailored to each challenge.
We dont subscribe to the notion of a split between aesthetics and engineering. Energy saving and informed engineering practice are integral to good design.

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